How to Find the Publisher of a Website – 5 Easy Methods (With Images)

how to find the publisher of a website

Finding a website’s publisher or author could be quite challenging if you are new to the internet. Many website publishers do not prefer to reveal their identity for some reasons. So, here I am presenting you five unique ways to find the publisher of a website.

Note: This article is not to be confused with – How to find the publisher of an article.


1. Whois Record Method

There are millions of websites getting registered on a daily basis from a variety of domain and hosting providers. A website’s registration process involves providing your personal details like your name, address, phone number, etc. And as soon as the website is registered, all these details are stored in the DNSĀ (Domain Name Server) records.

Several tools are available to access the DNS records of a website, and one of them is the whois tool. Here is a step by step process of how to find the publisher of a website with the help of whois tool.

Step-1: Open a website having whois record checker option.

whois ool

In this case, we use this tool.

Step-2: In the search bar, type the URL of the website and hit enter

Step-3: After hitting enter, you will be able to see the website’s complete record, which includes:-

  • Website’s IP Address
  • Registrar data – This is where you will find the publisher’s information like name, contact number, address, etc.
  • Name server records
  • Hosting provider of the website
  • Date of Registration & Expiry

whois data

If you are lucky enough, you will find the publisher’s information in the Registrar Data of the record. Otherwise, it probably means that the publisher is using a privacy protection guard. This guard does not allow the DNS Records information to reveal publicly.

In this case, you might want to abandon this option and look for the next one.


2. Contact Us Page

The easiest way to find a website’s author information is the contact us page of a site.

Here’s the example of a contact us page

However, a majority of publishers prefer not to reveal their contact information. In this case, you are left with a contact box to fill your information and wait for the publisher or the owner to contact you back.

contact box

Contact Us Box

Alternatively, if the website has a Terms & Conditions page, there are chances the website publisher’s information is hidden somewhere inside there.


3. Backlink Method To Find a Website Publisher

This is by far the most untapped and smartest way to find a website’s publisher. And if done right, there is a 95% chance of finding the complete publisher information. Not to mention, this method could seem a bit tough to those who are not introduced to SEO yet.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is an incoming link that a website receives from any other site in the form of a hyperlink. For example, This is a backlink to Wikipedia
So now, if you check the Backlink Records of Wikipedia, you will find this domain listed over there.

So here’s the step by step tutorial to look for the publisher of a website using the backlink method:-

To check the backlinks of a site, you will need access to an SEO tool that allows you to check a website’s backlinks. In this case, I am going to show you how to check a site’s backlink via the ahrefs tool.

Step-1: Create a trial account in ahrefs. After you create the account successfully, you are presented with a dashboard to audit multiple websites.

ahrefs dashboard

Step-2: Enter the URL of the website in the search bar and hit enter.

ahrefs search

Step-3: Click on the Referring Domains (these domains are the incoming links to the website).

referring domains

Step-4: Select any incoming backlink and go to its Referring Page.

referring page
Tip: To increase the probability of finding the publisher, look out for the backlinks from any article submission website.

Step-5: After opening the referring page link, check the entire page thoroughly for any instance of the publisher’s information. In most cases, if the publisher is doing SEO of the website, you can find his information in the author bio section of the article.

article publisher

To confirm if the person you found is the publisher of that website, search for his name on google with this format: “Website Name” + “Name of the person you found”

And you will see multiple instances of how that person is connected to the website. If not satisfied with the information, repeat step-4 till you find the publisher’s complete information.

This process may look a bit lengthy and be tiring, but works in most cases.


4. Finding Publisher Information in Press Releases

Every business has a Marketing & PR Team to promote their website in various ways. The use of classifieds, articles, guest posts, or press releases is some of the ways how a website could be promoted. In this step, we will learn how to find the publisher of a website easily with the help of Press Releases.

Step-1: Go to Google and type: “website name” + “press release”
(See example in the below image)

press release keyword

Step-2: Now, you will be able to see multiple results for the website’s press releases. Click on any one of the search results that you think could provide the in-depth information of the website.

press release google

Mostly, the website’s founder or the publisher’s information is found somewhere in between the press release. For instance, when the name of the publisher is mentioned somewhere in the release or the company’s information section.

Step-3: Scan the press release thoroughly, until you find the publisher’s information. In this case, the name of the publisher is found right below the press release.

press release publish


5. Social Media Method to Find the Publisher of a Site

Another smart and unique method to find the publisher of a website is the use of social media groups. Let’s know how!

Step-1: Go to a social media site. In this step, we will take the example of Facebook.

Step-2: Search for the website’s group using the Facebook search bar.

facebook group

Note: A Facebook group is created by the publisher or owner of a website in the majority cases.

Step-3: Go to the member’s area of the group and look for the group admin. The admin is accompanied by other moderators of a group.

facebook group admin

Step-4: To confirm, whether the group admin is the publisher of that website, click on his/her profile and search for the clues.



Other than the most common method, which is: “publisher” + “sitename” search on Google, these were some of the steps that could definitely help you find a website’s publisher information.

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